Benefits of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Benefits of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Benefits of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship in addition to the original citizenship? Dual citizenship, or holding one citizenship in addition to another, is a common occurrence today. The purpose of this article is to emphasize the advantages and rewards of possessing a Turkish passport.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship through Real Investment in Turkey

Property Investment in Turkey is one of the easiest ways to acquire Turkish Citizenship within a very short time (3 Months) commonly. Worth mentioning that you have to buy a property that values at $400,000 or more to be eligible to obtain Turkish Citizenship. Real Estate Investment in Turkey with $400,00 worth will not only qualify you to obtain Turkish citizenship, but you, your wife, and children under the age of 18 will also be eligible with you.

Required Documents for Real Estate Investors in Turkey Applying for Turkish Citizenship

  • Real Estate Title Deed (TAPU)
  • Real estate appraisal report prepared by a Turkish government-licensed appraisal institution.
  • The bank’s seal must be used to document the buyer and seller’s payments and receipts.
  • Along with the most recent Entry Visa, translated copies of the family members’ passports are also attached.

The Pros of Obtaining a Turkish Citizenship and Having its Passport

  • A Reliable Passport

Turkish nationals can enjoy traveling to numerous nations; those with regular passports can enter 115 nations without a visa. The businessmen can also travel to 155 different nations. For holders of Turkish passports, obtaining a Schengen visa for many member states of the European Union is simple.

  • Dual Nationality

Following Turkish law, Turkish nationals are permitted to hold dual citizenship; on the other hand, foreign nationals who have acquired Turkish citizenship are allowed to keep their original citizenship without having to renounce it.

  • Comprehensive Healthcare System

Turkey has a sophisticated healthcare system and top-notch medical facilities. Furthermore, newer, more sophisticated medical facilities have taken the place of older ones. All Turkish citizens now benefit more from improved health care programs thanks to recent legislation.

  • Democracy

Turkey has been governed by democracy since its inception. Democracy is increasingly being applied systematically. Additionally, every citizen has a similar right to voice their opinions and offer solutions that will benefit the community and the nation.

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