Unlimited Reasons for Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Unlimited Reasons for Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Unlimited Reasons for Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Turkey is a country of many cultures, Civilized development, and great natural sceneries. Thus, there are numerous reasons for Real Estate Investment in Turkey. You can be in your home for one hour and go to a mesmerizing location the next with one transportation away. Turkey has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. It connects two continents through underground lines or sea lines. The transportation system in Turkey is very varied, it has: 

  • Ferries
  • Busses
  • Minibusses
  • Metrobus
  • Metro lines
  • Tramways

Many Opportunities for Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Other than the great public transportation system, it has one of the best investment opportunities as it is an attractive spot for both tourists and international students due to its great education system and suitable prices, Turkey has over 200 universities with different majors and scholarships which offers your children a splendid opportunity to pick any major they are dreaming of studying and it will be offered in different educational facilities. Which makes investments in Turkey a smart decision. You can either make a real estate investment for your family to live happily and comfortably with all health, education, and entertainment necessities close by. Or you can take this opportunity to turn one investment into a continuous long-term profit investment for students and tourists. 

One of the biggest cities in Turkey is Istanbul.

Istanbul is an astonishing city spanning two continents and welcoming millions of tourists alone every year. Making the city a great opportunity and cultures to raise your kids to learn and evolve in a multilingual, multicultural space. Istanbul has multiple tourist attraction spots so you will be sure to never have a dull day again in this mesmerizing city! Aside from the great investment education opportunities Turkey offers, it also offers you a chance to obtain Turkish citizenship through investing in real estate and so getting the best of both worlds! 

Real Estate Investment in Turkey a Decision You’ll Not Regret – Reasons to Invest in Properties in Turkey

Growing Economy

Turkey’s economy Is becoming stronger every day and the investment market is attracting major international investors which is a great opportunity to enroll in this market and improve your economy. 

Prosperous Real Estate Market 

Many local and global investors choose turkey to invest in the real estate market for multiple reasons such as: 

  • The country’s great location as it spans 2 continents. 
  • Career opportunities.
  • Re-investment for greater profit.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship through Investing in a property that Values $400,000 or more.


Renting your property for Tourists is an excellent idea for high investment returns. Turkey is one of the most famous touristic countries in the world. Visitors from all over the globe come to visit its memorizing historical sites and breathtaking green sceneries and Islands. Here is a list of great spots for tourists:  

  • Kadikoy: It is a hotspot for tourists on the Asian side. Kadikoy is a great spot for walking through the local culture and traditions while enjoying home-cooked Turkish meals along the way and buying great souvenirs for your loved ones 


  • Besiktas: This is a great touristic spot on the European side to walk and enjoy the sea breeze on the coastline while enjoying delicious Turkish street food. Afterward, it is a chance to visit the Dolmabahce palace.


  • Sisli: It is located on the European side, and it is a great place for tourists to shop while exploring different local and international brands.


  • Beyoglu: The Beyoglu area on the European side is filled with tourist spots to enjoy. You can visit Taksim square and Istiklal Street, one of the most famous areas in Istanbul. Or you can visit the Galata Tower to enjoy the beautiful view of the city.
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